Graphic Design

Graphic design was my trade coming up through school, and was initially what got me interested in ever working in web. A lot of the same principles in print still hold true in both worlds, even if they might get executed slightly differently.


Typography has always been my favorite aspect of graphic design. It’s probably the biggest aspect that can make or break your entire project, so like most designers I take it very seriously.

Recently I’ve been getting more and more into hand-lettering, but more often than not I prefer font-families that are 90% utility and 10% personality. Essentially, if I do it correctly, you shouldn’t even notice them. The type should flow in a way that doesn’t even require thought to read.


I prefer to work in as few colors as possible without bringing down the message of the project. A good design shouldn’t have to rely on color to make it work, unless that’s an intentional decision of a specific project. That should be pretty obvious though, as you’ll see this site uses only yellow and warm grays to bring maximum emphasis on the content I’m posting.

vector illustration self portait