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Team Maxem

Team Maxem was a group of sales reps for sporting goods: high quality cutting edge boards, fins, suits, ropes, clothing, sunglasses, sun guards, and accessories.

A roommate of mine was a salesman at Team Maxem, a group of guys big into outdoor sporting goods and, basically, toys for adults. Sports-related, not the … other kind.

Curing a disease

When Tyler asked me if there was any way I could make their website look any better, naturally I asked to see the old one.

old website for team maxem

Honestly, it couldn’t be much worse. I was pretty quick to suggest a total redesign, and he was quicker to say yes.

New “Team Maxem” Wordmark

The first step was to get something that looked the same across all media: new logo. However, after coming across the typeface High Tide on Behance, it fit the need exactly. So instead of spending hours drawing a badge, it became the simple:

team maxem logo

From here it was easy to see the vision I wanted to convey through business cards and a website.

Hip to the Trend

At the time of making this site, Team Maxem was rocking brands like GoPro, Yakima, Electric California, Liquid Force, and so on. It was very important to have a look that would support the same vibe that all of these massive brands had. Modern, “hip” — whatever you call it, that was what I was aiming for.

The brand line is changing constantly, with the most fun addition being AirWalk Hoverboards. If you own a store in the midwest, and are looking to add some fun stuff to your shelves, it might be time to give them a call.