Web design might be my favorite thing that I’ve ever made myself learn. Originally I had no interest in it; but after seeing written code come to life, it’s hard to stop doing it.

Mobile First / Responsive

Originally I used to have to specify that it was important to focus on users viewing your site on a mobile device. At this point, I don’t even see the purpose in not having a responsive website. If over 50% minimum of your visits are coming from a phone or tablet, why wouldn’t you have mobile styles written into your theme?

I’ve also seen that when designing for the smallest screen first and scaling up — as opposed to the typical grid structure, which does the opposite — the size of the final stylesheets are smaller. So really, it’s the only way to code to me.

tl;dr: it makes your website faster.


Most grid structure kits out there rely heavily on specific breakpoints, and use floats to arrange their content depending on the screen. While this is definitely useful, I prefer to use flexible boxes to scale for any screen size, so each user will get the perfect experience no matter their viewport size. And now that it is so widely supported, it also means much less weight on markup and css.

tl;dr: it makes your website faster.


While going through my design program, I got very big on the design principles of The Bauhaus and Swiss Design. Do less, say more. If you’ve designed it well, no one will even notice. If you don’t need to add more, then by all means, don’t!

Good design is as little design as possible.

Dieter Rams on Ten Principles for Good Design.

I feel that it’s especially helpful in web design to have less elements, colors, and slideshows; it gets distracting and unnecessary. If you have a good product or message, it shouldn’t need animations on everything to make it “pop”.

The sites I make usually strive to be the easiest presentation to the user as possible. I try to constantly reuse creative elements to bring that strong structured feel while still being visually entertaining.

tl;dr: it still makes your website faster.