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train on the tracks from the side

Logo Design

Adrian & Blissfield Railroad


Railroad logo

A railroad logo might be the first thing I’ve designed that might finally outlive me, on top of being one of the cooler opportunities I’ve had.

final logo with slight grunge, red
different logos for ADBF
train on the tracks from the 3/4 side view

It was important to separate the ADBF railroad from The Old Road. They do still run that line, but that’s only one of many. There needed to be something a bit more “authoritative.”

comparing old and new logo
train on the tracks from the 3/4 front view

Railfan & Railroad Magazine

The new paint job also earned this beauty a spot in a magazine article!

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sd-45 shot from a drone

First run...

The first time the locomotive sees the light of day [with a new paint job]! The sheer size of the train didn’t come through until this video.

What’s good?

I am currently not taking on any new projects until November 2021. However, I still welcome you to send me a message.