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Logo Design

Central Michigan Potato


DDC Hardware

There’s no way this logo could have EVER been pulled off, without the typeface designed by Aaron Draplin.


A good Christmas break project

Central Michigan Potato didn’t approach me directly — not at first. My coworker/friend/co-dog-parent Kate is an insanely talented designer, but prefers to stay out of identity branding when possible. And normally, I don’t take on project suggested by people close to me.

However…the second—the SECOND—I heard potato farm, I had a goofy image in my head of the name on a potato. I tend to think of things that will make me laugh, so it took a bit for me to realize I actually had a logo direction idea already. Once I realized I knew exactly where this could go, I was in.

central michigan potato t-shirt mockup

The series of responsive logos that came out of that still bring me enjoyment. It’s such a perfect mark to balance professionalism with causal, that it remains one of my favorite inspirations I’ve ever had. They don’t happen often, and I mean, emphasis on “don’t.” But in this case, for this potato farm in Edmore, Michigan, it worked out perfectly.

Chief Wabasis Potato Growers Cooperative Association was originally incorporated on January 15, 1957. The Co-op partners are all long standing farms in the Montcalm County area. Main Farms, Andersen Bros, McCarthy Farms, and Johnson Ag all make up the current Co-op. Chief Wabasis main focus is supplying potatoes for chip processing.

central michigan potato hat mockup
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