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Cut-to-size panels available in birch, maple, sanded, pine soffit, sande, MDF, OSB, hardboard, underlayment, peg board, chalkboard, dry erase (marker) board. Use for repairs, hobbies, arts and crafts and decorative accents

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dimensions rendering

Considering the whole point of Dimensions was to look modular and modern, I was very happy to be a part of this project at UFP. It started as a brand that was small plastic lattice brand and was going to be grown into a full DIY stop.

Brand New Brand

Strangely enough, Dimensions was actually the first thing I worked on as a fresh employee. It was a rare lull, and it was a time filler for a newbie.

My first proposal was … well, I did it. I was rusty, coming off of a job that involved mostly social media and not much design, and far less coding. It was dropped for more important projects, picked up, dropped — never really had much focus.

Until 2015, when a new product line made it a very lucrative brand to get off the ground in a real way.

Growing Up Beyond Lattice

Once it was ready to live its time in the limelight, we put our full effort into it. Since I’d already been working on an old version, I retook the reigns as the brand designer.

We spent a lot of time trying to make the logo mark convey both the old feeling of a lattice brand, but a new feeling of customizing that wasn’t there before. While another designer worked out product photography and a color scheme, I did what I could to update the 90’s feel.

Adding real “dimensions”

Everything that Dimensions makes is square, so why would the website not follow suit?

dimensions lattice website
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