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happy people hike sticker collection

Branding + Design

Happy People Hike


This is our passion.
This is our lifestyle.
This is our apparel.
Sharing happiness through hiking, and helping others find their happy.

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Happy People hike’s Origin

After clearly knocking Mitten Real Estate out of the park, Alison decided we should make another amazing brand.

If you want the real story, it’s written much more factually here, and paraphrased below.

We believe in the power of fresh air and camaraderie of strangers.

The genuine joy experienced on the side of a mountain is a feeling we try to bring back to everyday life. Being outdoors can lift even the lowest of spirits and we hope to share that with you. Our apparel is meant to remind you of how great life can be when you spend your time truly experiencing it.​

Alison, Co-Founder
t-shirt model caught in the rain
logo compilation

I went through a good handful of iterations, and we worked through how corporate-vs-small it should feel, contemporary-vs-traditional – but more importantly, accurate to the mantra that the Glowinskis had started.

The project is still going strong, from 2018 to present. It has proven especially helpful for mental health during the global pandemic.

new covid-19 outdoor stickers
backpack with the patch ironed on
stickers on waterbottles
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