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blue background color

Logo Design

Mitten Real Estate


Mitten Real Estate is unconventional. Personalized. Fun and funky. They do real estate different.

Learn more about them on their website.

logo in blue and in white

Alison approached me for a logo for her first* business as a previous friend. I’m not sure at which social event we met first, but she and her husband were a very entertaining crew. They let me tag along when they had exclusive tickets to things – so it felt good to finally repay a favor.

The only true specification for the logo came from an unprompted midday text that read “This is the blue I was picturing:”, followed by a shampoo bottle in a house she was showing.

business card mockup

*I felt the need to specify first business above, due to another much larger, much more outdoorsy project!

What’s good?

I am currently not taking on any new projects until November 2021. However, I still welcome you to send me a message.