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My first job out of college: I met the company’s eventual founder at a New Year’s Eve party hosted at my dad’s new house a couple years beforehand; and in 2011, I was looking for work in anything that wouldn’t be a 9-to-5 marketing gig. The company needed another hand on set – and I had experience from a few years as a Digital Cinema major at NMU.

I also had (and in my opinion, continue to have) a good grip on social media writing, Twitter and Facebook specifically. I worked as a creative gap-filler, the most unique blend of day-to-day expectations I could hope for. Any day could involve the span of 3D photography stitching, photo touch ups, setting up wireless microphones on the show’s set, creating graphics and posts for our social channels, occasional motion graphics for video promotions, hauling machinery on and off set…it really was a whirlwind of a start.

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ToolSelect Graphics

I was very lucky to have had free roam to try out a big passion, which was blending graphic design and video. An animated type video ended up being my senior project, and I was happy to keep exercising the skill.

Power Tool Reviews

The main purpose of is creating unbiased power tool reviews, which are shot on location.

What’s good?

I am currently not taking on any new projects until November 2021. However, I still welcome you to send me a message.