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Creative Ops with Christopher Tallon

Last week, I was on the Creative Ops podcast! It was my first time ever meeting Christopher Tallon, and clearly, we should have gone out for drinks many times before now. I felt as if we had been old bar buddies for years, within minutes. I think I may have talked longer than a Joe Rogan interview, but hey, I had fun.

Creative Ops is a podcast is for creative people, with all original music. Christopher Tallon talks to creatives across the spectrum of art, culture, and business about what they do, why and how they do it, and whatever else comes up in an unscripted, long form conversation centered on creativity.

You can find out more about my interview on his website. The links are:

Also, you can also listen to the episode wherever you subscribe to podcasts!

Episode Links

episode snippet from the creative ops podcast

Creative Ops

Christopher Tallon is an incredibly great person to talk to, if the runtime on our podcast episode didn’t already give that away. He’s a full time writer and podcast host in the same city as myself. If you get a chance, you should definitely order his book Switchers!

screen capture of me and ben tallon podcasting
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