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NYE 2019

NYE 2019 came and went with a very large bang! This year, Owie and I got to host an NYE party to bring in the new year.

I had two disposable cameras on hand – preparing for Winter Camping – so I figured I’d leave one out, and maybe some photos might end up on it. As it turns out, all but 3 photos were taken on it. Most were of different angles of the living room, some just dark pixelated backgrounds. I think, strangely, it perfectly describes how most would recall that night…

Update from 2020

It would end up being our last houseparty of the year. 2020 wreaks havoc and is declared a global pandemic. Racial inequalities hit another boiling point in history. Our President commits multiple acts of treason, pure shit moral statements, and pure narcissism.

Personally, it does bring along a trip to Maine/New England area for the first time, since the US is so shockingly virus ridden. I was happy to join the peaceful protests of Black Lives Matter through the summer, and the people I was surrounded by were among some of the most polite, inspiring people I’ve ever met.

I wonder what next New Years Eve will bring.

What’s good?

I am currently not taking on any new projects until November 2021. However, I still welcome you to send me a message.