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Design Philosophies with Mia

My first design podcast episode feature! We broke the almost 10-year long streak of not speaking directly, and we agreed the Michigan accents did come out in full force. My bad. Something about talking to another Yooper that brings it out.

Blast From a Decade Past

Mia and I did not have a class together, as far as I’m aware. However, during the last bit of college, we did have design offices just down the hall. If I remember correctly, we also had a very hard stance on MrsEaves being one of the best typefaces ever. I believe we also were both invited to senior year’s Wine Fundraiser put on by the DeVos art museum.

About Mia's work

Mia is a typographer, graphic designer, and I can never keep up what university she’s teaching at. She and her husband are were long time natives Marquette, a town way, WAY up north in Michigan. Coincidentally, that’s also where I happened across her (and many other friends) at NMU’s School of Art & Design.

Her body of work is hard to describe with a phrase, but hopefully the image below (Pandemic Parade Banners) gives you a sense of the attention to detail. I believe her piece The Weight is still in a gallery overseas. You can learn all about her work and more on her website, or just learn how a typeface is made at her TED Talk: The Power of Typography

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2 pandemic parade banner photos
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