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Latitudes Deck

Latitudes was one of my earliest projects working at UFP. It was a definitely a brand in desperate, desperate need of a complete refresh, to put lightly.

latitudes website before and after

The logo was being overhauled to appear more modern, and to get rid of that strange bronze background (you can see it in the left corner of the image above). The whole branding was going to be much more contemporary, and it was only fitting that the website should reflect that. That’s why you’ll see splashes of color and large, clean imagery as the focal points of the pages.

This was also around when I’d heard a rumor that Bootstrap was the way I should be skinning sites in a much quicker way. And while it is a great for building modular sites, it was ultimately ruled that it was too large of a library for us to be adding on to sites that also were going to be added into our Sitecore CMS. I have used it in side projects since though.

It was also one of the earlier sites that UFP had converted into Sitecore, so that was a whole ‘nother learning experience. Let’s just say, I still prefer WordPress.

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