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Midwest UX

An event at 20 Monroe, for MWUX
An event at 20 Monroe, for MWUX 2019

Grand Rapids 2019

I signed up to help knock out tasks on the website for the Midwest 2019 UX Conference. I was pretty late to the project, so most of the front-end framework had already been laid out, but there was a punch-list of mobile and usability issues that could use another hand.

I didn’t contribute as much to the final project as I would have liked to, mostly due to technical issues existing in the pipelines that we never had time to fully address. But, the core team put in a hell of a lot of effort, and I think it paid off.

It was one of the better nights of 2019 to hang out for a night at SiteLab with a bunch of design-thinking volunteers.

SiteLab’s entrance to the after-party

How to contact Derek Mohr

I am currently not taking on any new projects, but you can still email me.