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Hey, I’m Walking Here | the Podcast

How did I get on Hey, I’m Walking Here? Well, back in a previous life, I worked with a hilarious guy named Jarrett Weber, who has since gone on to become a stand-up comedian. During COVID though, stand-up comedy has all but gone extinct — for now. With the lack of ability to gather in large groups, comedy podcasts came out in force (which I am very okay with). Jarrett’s anything-goes podcast, usually featuring a guest, is definitely worth a subscribe.

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Ep 29. Bar Chat

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Hey, I’m Walking Here is a podcast dedicated to talking to real people about anything and everything!

While you’re at it, he’s also on YouTube and Instagram.

It felt good to have a bar chat. We were bar-chat-type of friends when we worked together, and I personally enjoy conversing with people that can continue through a very natural flow. Plus, we canโ€™t go anywhere near a comedy club until a vaccine gets developed. Or at least, more of the population quits whining and just wears a mask inside.

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