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I offer a variety of services in the creative and technology worlds. 


I offer a variety of services in the creative and technology worlds. I’ve also got an outline of my pricing, so don’t hesitate to contact me with your ideas!

Logo Design

My first freelance logo design was in 2011, and it’s probably the skill I’ve refined the most in my professional life. From corporate to small business, I can help you create a mark that is both unique and polished. See what I mean.


Web Development

If you’re looking for website services in any way, I will likely recommend you just go straight to Mighty in the Midwest. Anything I can code will be far superior with a full team of creatives pulling various strings together.

However, I do run a few solo top-to-bottom design and developed projects, but it’s certainly less common. A couple examples would be Pyramid Scheme Bar or Recipes Without F***ing Backstories.

designvox website

Podcast Filler

I talk a lot. You have a gap in your podcast lineup? Chances are, I’ve got something about design, space, comedy, or web technology that will help you fill that hour. Plus, I just enjoy talking to strangers. Just send me an email.

screen capture of me and ben tallon podcasting
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