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It isn’t an exaggeration to say one of the earliest things I made with friends were websites. I was making websites looooong before logos! I remember a middle school one specifically; one hosted on MSN Groups and dedicated to the newly-released Lord of the Rings series. I loved the technique of changing the text color to the same color as the background, so that you had to highlight the whole page to be able to read anything. I know, I was a web accessibility GENIUS.

It’s been a couple…decades…since that first website. I’ve now become pretty seasoned at launching a very wide variety of websites and web apps. So adept, in fact, that I can absolutely help you along with whatever stage of the process you’re at with your own website or web app.

WordPress / Squarespace

Great for single landing pages, quick product launches, or small businesses!

designvox website

Most small business, nonprofits, or ideas that are just getting off the ground, can get a lot across in a website. WordPress and Squarespace both offer quick “out-of-the-box” themes that can be easily customized. This makes it incredibly ideal to create a presence online that matches your recognizable logo/brand in much less time than a full website would cost to develop. However, they still take a lot of attention to be done correctly.

A few examples of WordPress development I’ve done are the Pyramid Scheme Bar & Venue, designvox, and the website you’re currently reading!

Fair warning—I don’t take many web projects on solo, unless the project is near and dear to me. If you’re interested, check out my rates and contact me, and we’ll see if we can get this thing off the ground!

Custom Website

Got an idea that’s bigger than a few pages and a blog? Great news—I’m still interested!

bldi website animations

Small Businesses, Nonprofits, etc

The issue a lot of WordPress, Squarespace, and other out-of-the-box solutions is usually customization. There’s a level that you can’t always drill down to, and a highly performing loading time you can’t quite achieve. Luckily, I was lucky enough to discover Craft CMS a while ago, which allows for some of the most custom templates compared to any other CMS out there.

Enter Craft CMS. Craft allows for incredible levels of customization due to offering basically a blank slate with a CMS attached. It’s very developer friendly, so I personally love working in it. If you’re a developer yourself, find me on GitHub or Twitter and ask me more!

I also have my UI & wireframing chops, so we can discuss and create whatever your idea needs!

Larger Businesses, corporations, etc

If you’re considering working with me, and you/your client is larger than 10ish employees, I can still help you out! At that point, the time I have available alone would not be sufficient, so we would end up working with the legendary agency Mighty in the Midwest, more than likely. And that’s when you’re going to really get the best possible website or web app that you could hope for. At Mighty, we make some amazing some truly amazing products. I have a few links to them (and more about the company) on my Now page.

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