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fingerprintsdao glitch logo screenshot

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FingerprintsDAO curates and collects artworks that use smart contracts in exceptionally creative ways.

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old and new comparison of the logo

A Brief Approach

In August of 2021, I was approached by a member of FingerprintsDAO. They asked if I had any interest in creating a new branding direction for their DAO – which, of course I did. Who wouldn’t? Well, maybe some wouldn’t. But this guy was all too excited to help brand a company that lives in the world of crypto.

The brief that was sent over listed a desire to honor their old collections, but make it all a little…grungier, I guess. Between the Autoglyph collection and their own name (fingerprints), I had plenty to work with.

fingerprintsdao logo first ideation

Getting closer...

The overall feeling seemed to lean towards sticking with the autoglyph theme. The fingerprint integration was tougher to scale, and the autoglyph had a very significant meaning to the early roots of the DAO. So, autoglyph it was!

Then the fun part really begins – how to keep it from looking like a hashtag icon for a social media company. Especially with the direction of integrating more DEAFBEEF into the overall brand, which was a fun direction. These were my favorites from the second round.

fingerprintsdao logo second ideation

We landed in a great spot. The glitch built into the # symbol keeps it unique from a “hashtag” misinterpretation. And then the actual glitch animations added in just make it damn fun. In my opinion, obviously.

animated showcase of fingerprintsdao logos scaling down

FingerprintsDAO was fantastic to work with. If you’re into cryptoart, or are interested in the technological possibilities on the ETH network, I highly recommend you follow them on Twitter. Maybe even pay them a visit in their virtual art gallery within the Cyrptovoxels universe.

You can also check out my own series relating to NFT’s. I’ve only got two for sale so far, but there may be more appearances from them in the future…

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