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A bit about me: I’m a full-stack web developer at Mighty, and midnight graphic designer at home in a pandemic; and I’m based out of Grand Rapids, MI. I tend to refer to “about me” as a Designer/Developer, as I am fully versed in the latest front-end specs (even some back-end ones), browser compatibility [meaning, making things appear correctly on IE-anything], and mobile device compatibility. Or to be more specific:

  • Markup-related: Twig (Craft CMS, Timber), HTML, PHP
  • Style-related: SCSS, LESS, Sass
  • Script-related: “vanilla” JavaScript & jQuery
  • CMS’s: Craft CMS, WordPress, Statamic

As well as Git[Hub] for version control and NPM/Yarn for package management

Résumé Specs

Professional History

Mighty in the Midwest


At Mighty, we’re making high-end, handcrafted websites and web apps. Most products are built in a form of Twig PHP, usually powered by Craft CMS in some way. My latest contributions have been to BLDI, Continuum Ventures, a cross-collaborated effort on an Emergency Ventilator Kit website during Covid-19; and many, many other incredible UI’s supplied by the team.



Web Designer

Designvox is an agency based on Design Thinking. It’s been going strong since the 90’s, so there was a well-established workflow when it comes to many design projects, over a vast amount of disciplines. I personally had the chance to work on Hope Water International and the ‘vox website during my time.



Web Administrator, Designer

I joined SalesPad during their first huge growth spurt – which required a new brand & website to support the “new” company’s multiple markets. There was never a shortage of web or branding work, even for being on an in-house marketing team – and I learned to balance writing PHP templates with creating t-shirts.


Universal Forest Products

Digital Media Designer

My first professional blend of graphic designer and web developer. I made HTML/CSS/jQuery wireframes for new web launches and redesigns, and ended at a spot where I needed to also learn to turn wireframes into a functioning website. While at UFP, I worked on Deckorators, DimensionsProWood, Latitudes, and other web projects.



Northern Michigan University

Graduated with a four-year BFA in Art & Design, with a concentration in Graphic Communication. I spent the last year or more also working as a graphic (and later, web) designer for the Dining Services. I also won my first “design contest” for the annual DeVos Art Museum wine night fundraiser.

08/2007 – 05/2011

What’s good?

I am currently not taking on any new projects until August 2021. However, I still welcome you to send me a message.