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The Gang Frees Scotland

Scotland was a country that had been on my mind to visit for many years. I expected it to be a lot like Ireland, but it was surprisingly different! Less rolling green hills, more lavender rocky mountain sides. Less Guinness, more Innes & Gunn.

Typically, a trip involved with “the gang” is filled to the brim with places to be, especially the trips in 2022 and 2017.

Scotland was intentionally set to be a different kind of trip. We weren’t going to add a country or a flight, just land in Scotland and depart from Scotland. Crazy, I know. It actually may be one of the more simple itineraries we’ll ever put together:

  • Fly from GRR/MSP to EDI
  • Drive straight to Glasgow for 1 night
  • Spend 4 nights across the Scottish Highlands (Fort William, Portree, Inverness)
  • End in Edinburgh for 3 nights

Edinburgh would also end up being one of the best cities I’ve ever been to, but we’ll get into that.

Per usual, we made sure to compile our videos into a bit of a trip overview. It’s sometimes funny to see the photos, where everyone sees the fun things you’re doing. The reality of most of our trips are basically this—walking, commuting, and passing time with each other.

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