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Hello, I’m
Derek Mohr

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I’m a

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a slight whiskey enthusiast.

myself in prague, czech republic

Web Design + Development.

To some jobs I’m a designer, to others I’m a coder; in today’s world, there isn’t an exact job description that fits.

I’ve been involved in projects and jobs as an
Interaction Designer,
Digital Media Designer,
Web Developer,
Marketing Assistant…

Ultimately, I tend to lean towards front-end designer as the most accurate—or, least inaccurate—description.

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Logo Design

Typically my projects involve code...but not all the time.

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Featured Projects

These are a handful of larger projects I've worked on. Most of the most recent can also be found on my Dribbble and Instagram accounts.

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The Pyramid Scheme

Neighborhood Pub + Music Venue in the Heartside Neighborhood. A place for the artists, musicians and localists of Grand Rapids.

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What do I actually do, then?

My ideal project is crafting the UI of a webpage, from wireframes into an easy-to-use interface. I think through the typography and color schemes, what layouts are best for what pages, and then hand-write the code using the most up-to-date & semantic web languages.

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