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Developer for Mighty by day, Traveling designer by night.

I’m Derek Mohr from Grand Rapids, MI. I travel, drink, and talk about space discoveries to strangers.

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Designer, Developer

In some jobs I was a designer. Depending on the scale, I still prefer to be. For my day-in, day-out creativity – I actually prefer to be in the code.

I’ve been involved in projects and jobs as an Interaction Designer, Webmaster, Digital Media Designer, Web Developer, Marketing Assistant… yada yada.

Ultimately, I’ve landed on developer by day and designer by night as the most accurate—or, least inaccurate—job description.

What do I do then?

I guess my craft is translating the UI of a webpage. Wireframes, UI kits, mockups, style guides; they all need to be carefully considered as they go from static images to living projects.

I typically talk through the typography, color schemes, and layouts with the designers, and then hand-write the code. I don’t personally only work in one system – though if it’s not Craft (or Kirby/Timber/anything using Twig PHP), you’re really doing yourself a disservice.