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The Pyramid Scheme


If you ask around, it won’t take long for you to find out that I can almost always be found hanging somewhere around the Pyramid Scheme. Redesigning their site was almost too good of a project to pass up. Almost.

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The Pyramid Scheme is a Neighborhood Pub and Music Venue in the Heartside Neighborhood of Grand Rapids. A place for the artists, musicians and localists.
25 Pinball Machines.
Cheap drinks.
Great Jukebox.

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Find a show and go!

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The Grand Rapids Pinball League was started in 2012 by Rodney Minch and Jeff VandenBerg to provide an opportunity for individuals to play competitive pinball in Grand Rapids. The league is open to anyone who has an interest in playing pinball and all skill levels are welcome.

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The site was designed in Illustrator and then built in Brackets. It’s using the Timber framework on top of WordPress, which makes templates amazingly better to work with. All of the events are managed by Tribe Events and TicketWeb. And if you aren’t already, you should follow them on Twitter and Instagram.