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Break Up Break Down Podcast

Want some break up tea? I was featured on Season 2, Episode 16, to discuss the lows and lowers of my 2021.

“When True Love feels more like a True Crime Story….Abby is ready to investigate! Breaking Up is hard to do (obviously) but it’s even harder when social media is involved. If your relationship is on display, people are noticing…especially when it ends. We talk to couples and individuals about their break ups. What went wrong? What things did they work through to try and make it work? We’ll learn from them and take valuable lessons from their experience while sharing a laugh (or cry) along the way.”


When it was our first male interview....


  • (00:00-07:00): Episode Intro
  • (07:00-8:12): How they met
  • (8:12-11:19): Problems that came up in the relationship
  • (11:19-17:05): When the relationship ended out of nowhere
  • (17:05-20:56): How therapy helped him heal from this relationship
  • (20:56-24:28): Lessons learned/advice
  • (24:28-24:56): Episode Teaser
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Break Down Bonus: Grieving a relationship that ended abruptly

Abby and Justin chat about this week’s episode and talk about relationships ending out of nowhere, introducing your partner to your family, and why you should never share a dog with someone.


  • (00:00-05:01): Why don’t men cry?? And sharing pets with your s/o
  • (05:01-07:58): Straight male friendship dynamics
  • (07:58-14:55): Breakups that come out of nowhere
  • (14:55-20:22): When you don’t gel with your s/o’s parents
  • (20:22-23:25): Rebuilding your life after ending a long-term relationship
  • (23:25-25:43): Hanging onto hope during a breakup
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