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Grand Rapids Branding Company


All of the tops, bottoms, and accessories in-between, are themed around parts of the city.

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dad hat from grand rapids branding company

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Below you’ll see just a sample of products for sale on the Grand Rapids Branding company website. There are a variety of prints, clothing, and accessories that all have a different Grand Rapids theme.

Founded in 2022

Grand Rapids Branding Co was concepted and created in 2022; though some of the art concepts are as old as 2015. In 2015, I played a rebounded shot on Dribbble, based on a city’s abbreviations. I loved the turnout, especially the way that the GR naturally seemed to play into the Calder statue that so famously defines Grand Rapids (in a lot of ways). I mean, it is the basis of the city flag, even. Though it was a fine concept, the execution stopped there, and the design sat on the metaphorical shelf.

Fast forward to spring of 2022, the design came back. I was in a habit of rejuvenating old designs, and fixed the parts I didn’t love about the old layout. A conversation with my friend Branden Garrett involved a lot of “why not”s revolving around the design. It was so involved that it led me to purchasing a domain, and soon after creating the Grand Rapids Branding Company!

What’s good?

I am currently not taking on any new projects until November 2021. However, I still welcome you to send me a message.