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me at a Pharmhouse art market selling grand rapids branding merch


Grand Rapids Branding Company



Grand Rapids Branding Co. is my first ever solo business adventure. It’s built in Shopify, and powered by several dropshipping companies, as well as a local printing shop. All of the tops, bottoms, and accessories in-between, are themed around parts of the city.

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grand rapids branding website on a laptop screen

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Below you’ll see just a sample of products for sale on the Grand Rapids Branding company website. There are a variety of prints, clothing, and accessories that all have a different Grand Rapids theme.

me holding up a poster of some hand lettered grand rapids type

Founded in 2022

Grand Rapids Branding Co was concepted and created in 2022; though some of the art concepts are as old as 2015. In 2015, I played a rebounded shot on Dribbble, based on a city’s abbreviations. I loved the turnout, especially the way that the GR naturally seemed to play into the Calder statue that so famously defines Grand Rapids (in a lot of ways). I mean, it is the basis of the city flag, even. Though it was a fine concept, the execution stopped there, and the design sat on the metaphorical shelf.

Fast forward to spring of 2022, the design came back. I was in a habit of rejuvenating old designs, and fixed the parts I didn’t love about the old layout. A conversation with my friend Branden Garrett involved a lot of “why not”s revolving around the design. It was so involved that it led me to purchasing a domain, and soon after creating the Grand Rapids Branding Company!

display of posters at the lights on creston 2022 event
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