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Curious of costs before we work together? I don’t blame you. Creative pricing can be very cheap to very expensive, so here’s roughly what you can expect for my services.

If you still have questions, feel free to check out my FAQ page. If this sounds good (yay!), send me a message and we’ll get started!

updated logo grid for 2022

Branding + Logo Design

More than likely, you looked me up to create a logo for your brand or business. And that’s a good thing! I don’t think there’s many things I enjoy more than creating a design for a new or existing business. Pricing for logo from start to finish will typically run from $695 to $1395, depending on business requirements (nonprofit, corporate, etc.), and more importantly, timeframe.

My pricing is typically a flat fee for logo design. No, phrases about “exposure” won’t lower it. Yes, it is partially based on the size of the company and request.


For starters, the larger the organization, the more this same creative mark has to fit a much larger variety of applications. Instead of just fitting in a profile picture, it’s got to work on [possibly] stationery, business cards, pens, billboards, clothing, and/or a seemingly endless list of uses.

As for exposure, well, that simply never lives up to the promise. Plus, exposure doesn’t buy plane tickets or nice bottles of whiskey. If you suggest I shouldn’t charge as much because of who you are — I don’t think we will be a fit, and good luck.

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New Website

Looking for a new website, or a refresh on an existing platform? I just may be able to help you there.

Websites and web apps are tricky to price, as they can range incredibly significantly. At a bare minimum, you should be considering at least 10K, and a 4-to-8 week time commitment. I certainly offer discounts if you’re a non-profit or social cause, as well.

If you have a preferred CMS, I can work within that. However, I would typically suggest we use WordPress. I know, there are many people with many poor experiences of using WordPress in the past. However, I’ve learned to customize the “back end” in a very painless way. I have my own custom section builder that I’ve been refining over the years, which allows any user to focus on just adding text and pictures, rather than worrying about formatting every little thing. I’ll provide a demo before we choose a direction, no worries.


I’m happy to answer questions! All design work is better with more discussion.  I have a list of FAQ’s, but I’m reachable on my contact page too. If those just don’t feel right, I do occasionally answer DM’s from strangers.

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